Blown Away Hair Lounge was a concept that came from Kendra and Laila, two female stylists who had previously worked together as a team and were very successful in doing so. What set us apart was our educational background as stylists and our attention to detail. Add that to superior customer service and you begin to make many people very happy.

After many months of searching, we finally found some amazing stylists who shared the same passion for the hair industry, had amazing technical skills, and recognized the importance of great customer service. On August 1,2013 our team was ready to go and Blown Away was born! Our ongoing education insures that our stylists are always up to date on the latest techniques and that we continue to learn and grow in order to perfect our craft.

Kendra and Laila


We believe that in order to continue to learn and grow, education is a must in our salon. Our monthly classes will keep you up-to-date on the latest techniques and trends and allow you to work hands on to perfect these techniques.


If you would like to be considered for a stylist or assistant position at Blown Away you may email your resumes to


We currently have commission and rental opportunities available. All potential stylists will be required to bring in a model so that we can ensure the quality of work that is being produced by our stylists.